Learn the Exact Step-by-Step Strategies I Use to Generate Passive Income

INR 4,999/-


INR 4,999/-

By the time you complete this course, you’ll know exactly how to launch a successful CPA marketing campaign. You’ll be able to establish a home-based online business that will start generating profits surprisingly easily.

Get Access to my Complete Step-by-Step CPA Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Course Curriculum

Course introduction and setting up affiliate mindset.

Complete knowledge of CPA offers, how to start, what are the terms used in CPA marketing, etc.

Case studies of previous CPA campaigns to show how much CPA worth and scalable.

Process of approval for bigger CPA networks.

Most important thing is to find the converting offer. Let’s learn how to find the winning offe

How to design website and landing page for CPA offers that convert.

Creatives are the most important thing while running a campaign. Get done for you creatives, see previously tested and worked creatives for my campaigns and have an complete idea of how to design the perfect and winning creatives for any campaign.

Learn how to drive traffic to your site/landing page through organic and paid methods.

Learn, how to direct link to the affiliate offers? Direct linking is one of the best ways to get quick and effective conversion

Have small budget? No worries, in this module I will teach you how you can scale up your campaign even with smaller budgets.

There are tons of cheap traffic sources. Very few knows it. I will help you to get quick conversions in very cheap clicks with an amazing ROI.

Winning combination is the most important. Learn to find the best GEO’s, devices, gender, age group, etc. Learn perfect winning combination before starting an campaign.

Learn, how to find the correct niche? E.E. everyone talks about Adult niche, but no one talks about Click To Call offers. Have you heard of it? It’s a free tip learn, where are these offers and what are the best GEO’s for conversions.

Like stated above, Click to call in adult marketing but where to get the best offers for that? Learn to choose best converting offers from best platforms with highest commissions.

Learn how to spy other ads and landing pages, which are already converting and replicate those.

Nothing to spend fancy budget in fancy tools, there are so many free and affordable tools available in market for all your affiliate needs. Learn about those tools.

Learn how to craft your campaign in right manner and make it profitable.

Learn how to run your campaign successfully and earn great returns.

Most of the marketers concentrate only running campaigns, set your mind to achieve positive and good ROI. And learn how to achieve your desired goals.

For making an profitable campaign you must know the exact process of optimization and when to upscale and downscale your campaign. 

Proxies are the very important part of affiliate marketing. If you’re accounts are getting suspended, ads are being suspended, want to spy other ads and a lot more can be achievable through right knowledge of proxies.

Content Locking is one of the best ways to earn money through Bots. It has a very huge potential, learn everything about Content locking and how to use Bots to multifold your affiliate earnings

This module includes complete knowledge of Black Hat Marketing, for module inclusion, click here

Read the Case Studies and avoid the mistakes, I and other affiliates have done in past. Learn from experienced affiliates.

Available Soon

  • Free Traffic Working Methods
  • Black Hat Methods
  • Knowledge of Black Hat SEO
  • CPA Pro Tips
  • Case Studies
  • 7 Masterclasses PDF
  • Niche Swipe Emails PDF
  • Subject Lines PDF
  • Done For You Landing Pages
  • Done For You Creatives
  • Done For You Headlines
  • Tested Creatives for Many Niches
  • Knowledge of Secret Affiliate Networks
  • My Video Course in form of Class Recordings
  • Personal Attention and Support

Great Support!

Support is the most important thing, it is more important than course, so I do follow-up with my students on regular basis.

Extra Bonuses

Get eBooks for email marketing, my own landing pages, tested ad-creatives, hidden affiliate networks knowledge, etc.

High Quality Content

All course modules contain everything from A to Z. I have prepared each and every module based on my own experience. So, start your affiliate journey on a smooth road.

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